Kim kardashian street style

Kim Kardashian street style evolution

The marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was not just a union of two cultural powerhouses; it was a merging of two distinct styles that transformed both individuals' fashion game. This was particularly evident in Kim's streetwear evolution, significantly influenced by Kanye's design aesthetics.

Kim kardashian street style2017

Kanye West, the founder of the Yeezy fashion line, has been one of the major players in the streetwear culture. His collections, known for their minimalist design, neutral color palettes, and a unique blend of high-fashion and street style, have created an aesthetic that's both unique and influential.

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When Kanye and Kim became a couple, he was very vocal about wanting to revamp her wardrobe. With his influence, Kim's fashion took a notable shift towards the casual-yet-stylish, comfort-oriented domain of streetwear.

Kim kardashian street style 2017

Kim started incorporating key elements of streetwear into her daily outfits, often seen in Yeezy pieces that combine the luxurious with the accessible. Oversized hoodies, baggy sweatpants, and sporty crop tops became frequent staples in her wardrobe.

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This shift also saw Kim wearing more sneakers, a far reach from her previous stiletto-focused style, reflecting the sporty aesthetic in streetwear.

Kim kardashian street style2017

One of the distinctive features of Kim's streetwear revolution was the monochromatic, minimalist look. Taking cues from Kanye's Yeezy line, Kim often appeared in all-neutral outfits, be it cream, beige, or gray. This simplicity, a hallmark of Kanye's fashion philosophy, added a sophisticated edge to her streetwear look.

Kim Kardashian Street style 2017

Kim's streetwear evolution wasn't just about adopting a new style; it also played a significant role in amplifying the acceptance and popularity of streetwear among mainstream fashion consumers.

As one of the world's most watched fashion influencers, Kim's streetwear choices made a substantial impact in the fashion industry, contributing to streetwear's transition from subculture to high fashion.

Kim kardashian street style


It also challenged traditional norms of what a celebrity should wear, blurring the line between high-end fashion and everyday street style. It demonstrated that style wasn't just about wearing extravagant outfits on the red carpet but about the day-to-day fashion choices that reflect one's personality and lifestyle.

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Kanye West's influence on Kim Kardashian's streetwear revolution not only reshaped her personal style but also had a considerable effect on wider fashion trends.

It marked the fusion of high fashion and streetwear, and Kim's adoption of this style significantly contributed to the mainstream recognition of high-fashion streetwear.

Thanks Kanye 🤝🏽

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