millennial Fashion Trends

Top 4 millennial fashion trends


Millennial Fashion Trends

Millennial fashion trends 2023

Photo credit: @kaaymbl

Growing up in my era (Super Nintendo) I would always wonder if Power Ranger suits would actually be a "thing" or would future fashion really just be Star Trek outfits? 

Well, fast forward 30 years into the future and here we are! No, it isn't all "Matrix" but what we do have is a unique blend of multiple cultural influences in which I call "Millennial fashion.

Let's load up some fresh data on the "now." 🛸

Here are the top 4 millennial fashion trends that have been hacking the feeds of Instagram and Pinterest.

Let's dive in!

1. Color Blocking

What is color blocking?

Photo credit: Merkurial Girls & Olivia and Alice 

    Millennial color blocking has transcended from the runway to → the mainstream fashion scene.  👀 & these style icons have been killing it, showcasing their looks on the feeds for the world to see.  

    Because color blocking is becoming more mainstream, it will be more accessible and wearable style for everyday life.

    What is color blocking?

    Color blocking is when you combine solid, bold colors in a single outfit. It's all about creating eye-catching, contrast-driven fit's that rebel against traditional color coordination 🌈

    Millennials use color blocking as a tool to express their creativity and uniqueness. 

    It's all about having fun and feeling good.

    It's like a celebration of individuality! 🥳

     Millennial Fashion

    Photo credit: @oliviaandalice

    Millennial Fashion Revolution 

    Millenni's are changing and advancing established norms because they are less likely to conform to the old ways of doing things. 

    They are increasing acceptance of individuality and personal expression in modern society 🏙️



     2. Futuristic Fashion

    futuristic fashion style

    Photo credit: @aazhia

    Futuristic fashion is making waves and gradually making way into streetwear aesthetics, incorporating cutting-edge materials, smart textiles, and BOLD designs that are transforming the future of fashion. 🔮

    Futuristic fashion is about blurring the lines between clothing and ART.

    Designer known as @Aazhia on instagram is playing a huge innovative role in moving fashion forward →

    Designers are collaborating with artists, architects, and engineers to create innovative pieces that can advance our perceptions of what fashion can be.

    As society transcends, we can expect to see more innovative ideas, smart textiles, and personalized garments that challenge the norms and reinvent fashion. ✨


    3. Monochromatic Outfits 

    Monochromatic Outfits

    Photo credit: @Hannahlronan

    As the generation born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s comes into its own, millennials are making their mark on the fashion industry with one of the most notable fashion trends in modern society, monochromatic outfits 🦄

    monochromatic outfit ideas

    What is monochromatic style?

    Monochromatic style refers to an outfit that is made up of various shades of the same color. The term "mono" means single or one, and "chromatic" refers to color. Monochromatic style is often associated with minimalism, sophistication, and an overall sense of cohesiveness 🟣

    Monochromatic outfits are drawing attention and making statements all over socials. What do you think? Are you a fan of the monochromatic look?

    4.  Vintage Love Affair: Thrifted Fashion

    Vintage Fashion

    Photo credit: @__mmaxinewylde

    The charm of vintage fashion has captivated the hearts of millennials 💛, who are turning to thrift stores and vintage shops to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story 📖

    From 70s-inspired bell bottoms to 90s grunge aesthetics, there's no limit to the eras you can explore and styles you can mix to create your very own fashion masterpiece.

    Vintage fashion outfits

    And the best part? By giving these pre-loved pieces a new lease on life, you're contributing to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem ♻️

    It's a win-win situation! 👏🏽



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    Millennial fashion


    What is Millennial Fashion? ⤵ 

    Millennial Fashion

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