Top 4 habits that can make you more productive

Top 4 habits that can make you more productive.


Procrastination is something we all deal with at some point in life.

It can be different things for different people, but the main theme is procrastination makes our lives harder and can prevent us from getting to where we want to be.

Here are some tips I personally use daily, 


It's the little steps we take in our day to day lives that really get us to the next level.

Write your goals out on paper. (im sure youve heard this before.)

but no really!  Create lists!

Lists help keep track of everything you have to do throughout the day.

Feels good to check them off with a cute highlighter color too. ☺️

Listing out your to do's or goals can take the overwhelming weight off your mind. 

It's a great stress reducer  😅


Organization is something i've always struggled with, but now? 

I honor it has a certified life hack! 

Don't be afraid to invest is organizing tools like, filing shelves, storage boxes, notebooks, etc.

You might think.."I don't need it."

But! You absolutely should consider. 

They'll help you get and feel productive!

Great for mental health!

Create a workspace that will allow you to do this✨

Bulletin boards or visions boards are always fun too! 


Block out the hours you will be working for the day.

ex: you will be focusing on work from 1-3pm

Turn your phone notifications off and straight focus on that task.

Go to a place where you can stay focus.

Like your favorite coffee shop or library.  

Working from home can be hard because of too many distractions.  


Celebrate the small wins!

Create your own incentive program!
After completing all or a few things on your to do list,
treat yourself to an episode of your favorite show or  take a nap lol
This is how we create healthy habits!

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