Copy of About The Brand

I was inspired to create Boyish back in 2018.
Basically when i started to recognize myself again.
(Your 20's can really drag you through the mud!)
Either way, it's been a journey that i am grateful for!
It brought me to notice the boyish energy in myself and in others...
When i think of boyish, I think of an energy certain people naturally embody or work towards. 
Someone who works towards their goals. 
Goes against the odds. 
I'm talking boss energy.
Boyish is ultimately the embodiment of both masculine and feminine energy.⚡️
The loving nurturing spirit of the femme and the boss like mentality of the masculine.
This.. for me, transpired into FASHION!
Through, wearing things that made me feel and look like a BOSS.
When you look good, you feel good.